woensdag 4 maart 2015

World, hold on.

I'm your new blogger and be aware my reviews are mindblowing and as genuine as my personality.

I've been a pescetarian ( which is short for semi-vegetarian or a person eating fish but no meat) since I was seven.
Although I don't consider this the most spectacular part of my personality, I do want to elaborate on a very unique story.

It's called:

The day I cut the meat out of my life:

We lived in front of a butcher's shop. When I asked my mom why they brought in dead animals, I was shocked. I couldn't understand why they killed sweet looking animals so we could have a nice dinner.
Nobody understood my decision. I asked anyone: are you still eating dead animals?

Most people seemed to be proud of it. Animals need to be killed in order to provide people with proteins and besides: who would turn down a deliciously baked steak?

 But did you know it takes over 15000 liters of water to provide you with 1 kg of meat? That's five times the amount needed to produce 1 kg of eggs. Quite daunting, isn't it?

Anyway, I was forced into eating meat for quite a long time. Having family dinners wer real torture. Everything felt so wrong. I hadn't met another pescetarian which made me feel like being the odd one out. After a while my parents gave up but provided no alternative.
Even at school teachers asked me what had happened.
It's not normal to take a lifechanging decision at such a young age.

In the late eighties meat substitutes like quorn or tofu weren't known on a large scale. So I was stuck just having my veggies and potatoes.

Only friday felt like a celebration. As a kid I adored fish sticks from CAPTAIN IGLO . I'll never forget how I looked forward to the only full meal of the week.
CAPTAIN IGLO, that's fish. I know.

Oddly I never had this "dead animal" feeling with fish. According to some, it's cruel. Mostly vegetarians and/or vegans remind me of the fact that fishes are animals as well. In a way I do feel guilty, but it feels like the right choice. I'm already making this world a better place after cutting out the meat.
Could anyone calculate how much water I saved over the last 25 years?

And that's what each of you must do.
Changing small things without taking it to extremes. That's the key to save our planet.

 I was born and raised in Belgium and most of my life I've lived near Brussels.

The last time I visited our capital I dropped by at http://www.kamyuen.be/ where you can find the most typical asian products at discounted prices.

I tried different brands of green curry and COCK BRAND is definitely my favorite.

Some tend to be too spicy, others are too sweet, but COCK BRAND provides you with the best of both worlds. Mixed with GOLDEN STAR's coconut milk, it's always a winner.

You can order COCK BRAND's curry on: http://www.amazon.com/Cock-Brand-Green-Curry-Paste/dp/B003UG5MFO

and GOLDEN STAR's coconut milk on:  http://www.amazon.com/Golden-Star-Coconut-Milk-13-5/dp/B0048IOA4W

One extra tip: Just use the green curry in moderation if you want to save yourself from burning and unforgivable hick-ups.

I use this mix as a sauce for shrimps which instantly turns your kitchen into the most perfect Asian restaurant. I've always wondered why I couldn't cook like asians but this supermarket has surely changed my mind on that.

After leaving KAMYUEN, I wanted to visit my favorite Greek restaurant "Kreta" but it turned out it was closed, so I wanted to place a safe bet which is MACDONALDS near the bourse of Brussels.


One place, so many memories.
My high school was located near the fast food restaurant and lots of students spent their noons getting fat. But let me bring on the bright sides of MACDONALDS.

I'm a sucker for their FILET-O-FISH.. Nothing in this world could compare to it. No matter how many filets I order, I always think: can I have another one?
I usually go for two burgers combined with the most crispy french fries I've ever had.
Some say Belgium is infamous for their homemade french fries but for it's hard to beat those MacDo fingers.


Even though it's a controversial city with people from different ethnicities, Brussels has changed my life for the better.
I'm fluent in many languages and have no prejudice against people because of their race, gender, religious views;....
From my point of view the only problem is extremism and hate. I like to tackle more delicate issues in my blog.

No matter which product I'll review ( could go from shower gels to psychology books), I'll always do this in a constructive and positive way, so anyone has room to improve their stuff.

I was born in 1982 which means that I spent most of my youth in a non-virtual world.
I still remember what it's like to have no mobile or no access to the internet which puts me in the right position to value multimedia products.

I've been part of the evolution which has often been a revolution for people from my generation.
When I see teenagers these days, everything seems so logical. As if they were not aware there's been "a life before".

Having excess to information is a big plus. It's all about moderation, knowing there's still a life outside the internet.
My children will need to learn about the importance of social contacts, sports, healthy lifestyle,.....

I'm fascinated with lifestyle, how we can change our moods and bodies by changing our diets, planning work out sessions,....you can definetely hire me to review your lifestyle products, as long as it's safe.

Take care...

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