donderdag 19 maart 2015


I'm usually writing blogs, lyrics and poems but I do have a few good stories in mind for movies.

Most of them are dark, indie but very genuine comedies.

I have written the dialogues and created some sort of random drafts.

BUT what I would need is a collaborator to turn them into real scripts.

For more info you can always contact me.

Here's the summary of some drafts:


Two strangers ( the guy is a dreamer, a poet - the girl is the opposite but they do attract) being stuck in a boring relationship wait for their partners at a desert parking place near a wood.

As they both learn about the fact that they'll have to wait a few more hours, they start chatting and have this instant click they've never felt in their relationship.

They decide to spend the next hours together, meet an old lady having been stuck in same kind of situation.
She recommends them to follow their heart.

They both thought these were the most mindblowing and most fascinating hours ever but in the end they decide to get back to their normal lives but do make a promise to come back to the same place in sixty years.

And then the final part of the movie would be a look back on how they lived with regrets...


A young man thinks it's strange that too many people commit suicide at the same place in a wood.

He decides to investigate it.

He finds out all those people saw the same crazy psychiatrist.

On his way to the truth he meets a lot of fascinating but deranged people messing with his brain but eventually he finds out those dead people aren't really dead but they're hiding somewhere....


Two 35 yr women have been best friends since highschool.

One of them became a succesful lawyer, perfect husband, perfect child,....the other one is still single and has blown all her relationships so far.

To compensate this, she's developped a relationship with her sex toys, she even talks to them.

When she falls in love with a man, her best friend tries to do anything to ruin it but then he actually leaves her to start a gay relationship with her best friend's husband.

The perfect lady becomes a mental wreck, she's losing her selfcontrol and it turns out that the perfect image has just been a cover up for everything in her life


a parody on psychiatry, very flat characters, more like: a bunch of sketches put together.

Friends having read this draft thought they were reading a south park script.

It starts with greedy shrinks hiring nurses to promote their hospital to people in the streets


I still have to translate this one, but it's about a couple in their thirties being tired of not being wealthy so they decide to pay for diet supplement coaching courses.

They get fascinated with gurus and sell almost everything they have to develop their own business.

Those promises turn out to be lies from manipulators and once they realize it's all a big scam, it's too late.

When their daughter gets sick, they stayed away from doctors because those guru types said they could offer the perfect alternative.


A man has been obsessed with his soccer idol for fifteen years.

He even decorated his studio with posters. He cannot be with another person, his life is about his soccer idol.

One day his best female friend walks in and tells him his idol is single again.
She decides to dress him up like a blonde bimbo babe and no one notices he's actually a man.

She found out where he hangs out and he ( dressed up like a lady) makes a move on his idol. The soccer player likes him a lot, there's a click.

They plan a second date at a restaurant.

At a third date they go joggin the beach where his/her jogging pants tear and the soccer player thinks it's strange his date has so much hair on her legs. He does compliment him/her on his//her very beautiful legs.

Right before an important match, the fan looks up his idol in his private lounge where he reveals his secret. To the soccer player it doesn't matter whether he's a woman of man.
He has fallen in love with this person. What follows, is that the team finds out about their most popular player's relationship. Some bashing, violence,....

The ending should be a lesson in morality.

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