zondag 22 maart 2015

I need a coaching collaborator

A coaching collaborator: that's a job title no one's ever invented before.
And the truth is: I'm looking for it NOW.

I live in Belgium, a country with a good social system,
but the downside is that entrepreneuring is harder than in the USA.

You need a good project to start with which requires the right people at the right place.

I have my assets, goals and ambitions as a creative thinking person, I just don't have a great business mind.
I could read about tips, ways to improve, read tons of books.

That could help a little bit.

But why struggling if you can bring complementing people together and work as a team?

So let's start with who I am and what my ambitions are like.

- I'm an abstract drawing artist and want to sell my work online.
- I want to sell my work to companies printing posters, buying backgrounds,...

- I'm a food blogger, an creator of recipes. I own a google + community. 

Now the question is:

How can I improve my blogs, each more readers, get involved in affiliate markteting, sell the products I'm using ( on amazon) and get more traffic to my blog?

How do I start an affordable website with a good overview gathering my ambitions?

- I'm a psychology - spirituality blogger:

How do I make this articles more interesting?
Find the right audience, sell books on the issues I'm tackling.

I'm a writer:

- I write poetry and lyrics for music. I have written movie drafts and plan on writing E-books on delicate issues ( like bullying at school).

But my art and writing work are not related, so I need help with layout, style, marketing.

So I'm looking for a complementary person.
Someone with proved knowledge of marketing and great coaching skills believing in my project and willing to work on commission.

So people claiming to make millions and promise me to get rich too ( after paying a 70 dollar fee), don't waste your time.

Serious candidates only please.

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