zaterdag 21 maart 2015

Bullying is NEVER okay

Why do some people get bullied and others don't? It's a simple question no one can answer.
There's just one universal rule: bullying is never okay. 
So stop it. NOW.
And if not, you deserve to be in jail.

Unless you can imagine what a negative impact you have on person's development.
In ten, twenty, thirty years from now you might have a good job, nice family, but the kid you bullied will still be in trouble.

All because of you. 
So shut your mouth and re-think your behaviour.

Or have you ever felt bad because someone ruined your life?
The answer might be "yes". At least if you're a sensitive person like I am. 
The worst part was probably the fact that bulliers made you feel guilty.
As if you committed a crime.

Let me tell you something.
I got bullied at school.
I'm still not over it but today I am mostly proud.
Proud of the fact that I survived this torture enabling me to say: keep fighting and live up to your dreams.
The only reason you get bullied, is because you're exceptional.
And average people like to bring the special ones down.

Bulliers adore spotting sensitive people and exploit them.
And this is wrong. There's just no excuse.

But looking back on my years at school, I feel sorry for those people having bullied me.
Their selfesteem was pretty low.
They "needed" to attack nice people in order to feel good about themselves.

The worst part of getting bullied, was not having the ability to find the right words at the right time.
I let it all happen. Three words crossing my mind were:  It would pass.
But it didn't. 
I got used to the pain and ran away from my emotions.
All I wanted, was to scream and shout out loud: STOP IT, and at a certain point I did.
I begged those evil classmates to stop ruining my existence.
They had no idea how their games influenced the quality of my life.

But guess what happened?
I got punished. My teacher wrote a letter to my parents that other students complained about my behaviour.

What behaviour?
As if she  ( that teacher) had never seen how much I suffered.
Do adults really enjoy making a teenager's pain worse?

There's still a lot of work to do.
It doesn't matter how old you are, if you're a teacher or student......

We should promote a zero tolerance to bullying.

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