maandag 9 maart 2015

My Kitchen experiences PART NINE - HOT TOMATO SPREAD

As a pescetarian I tried lots of speads and one thing's for sure:
Nothing beats homemade versions.

Creating this Mediterranean combo brought back childhood memories, like spending summers in France.
No worries, no stress. Just relaxing.

Some recipes literally feel like sunshine on your sandwich, salad or potato mix.

That's why I'm introducing you to my very own hot tomato spread.

Here's the list of ingredients needed:

250 grams of white beans
2 peeled tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
7 black olives ( without stones)
1 tablespoon of powdered curry
5 drops of tabasco

Blend all ingredients in a kitchen machine and mix.

If you prefer eating warm spreads, put this into the microwave for one minute.

I've tried this on my very own tomato-oatmeal bread and the combination was like heaven on earth.

You can find my bread recipe on:

If you're a fan of hot and spicy flavours, this spread is the one to try.


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