maandag 16 maart 2015

Poetry - Lyrics for music - ASLEEP

I've been writing many lyrics throughout the years. 

It's all about emotions, passion, love, desire, hunger, sometimes lots of humor.
I would love to collaborate.

My goal is to get in touch with musicians feeling the same way.
So feel free to contact me if you're able to help me out.


I'm crawling after something, baby
You got everything I need
I just can't help this constant craving
It's a thing I'll never beat

I know there's so much more to life
so much to explore
though it could cut you like a knife
I want you more and more


Your blood is running through my veins
But I am not infected
Those words of love will keep me sane
so maybe we're connected


You make me wanna fall asleep
and live a perfect dream
So tell me are you into deep
cause nothing's what it seems

You make me wanna fall asleep
Don't live a perfect lie
I'll show you love cause talk is cheap
and please don't ask me why

Feel the sun and don't say maybe
You know what i talk about
Take my love and you will praise me
cause you slowly drown me out

I know there's so much more to give
hope you understand
Don't keep me down, i yearn to live
I gotta hold your hand


( c ) Stef Kestens 2015

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