zaterdag 21 maart 2015

E-books - what an invention!!!!

In the past, writers lost their motivation after years of writing without having found a publisher.

Their whole career depended on that one person giving them a chance or not.

Many experienced feelings of depression not knowing how to get in touch with potential readers. 

But who's saying all publishers were right. Or never took the wrong decisions?

Can you deny creative people from finding their fanbase just because you've landed a job at a publishing company?

Reality can be cruel sometimes.

Besides who knows how many fantastic writers remained  undiscovered just because of that one person's opinion?

Imagine you being a writer and getting in touch with that grumpy old man judging young talents:

He might be the most frustrated person on this planet.

Or just prefer kitchen and cooking books.

That's why he'll never read your horror script and throw it away as if it was trash.

Youngsters in particular take rejection personally.

But don't worry, your book is probably amazing.

As long as you believe in your story, no one can take away your dignity.

You're the creator of a perfect world and if you feel the need to express this by releasing a book, go ahead.

The good news is: in this day and age, no one has the power to stop you from publishing anything.

The internet offers you whole wide range of opportunities, E-booking being on top of that list.

It gives genuine authors the opportunity to release the books they want to release without begging the big boys to ever put them on the map. 

I have a few stories in me and want to share them with the right audience.

Ten years ago, I wouldn't have thought this was possible.

I want to release my poetry - lyrics for music as an E-book.

I could only use someone helping me with the layout and production.

Even though I love drawing.....

My art and writing skills are not related.

It's just a matter of hard work and finding a collaborator complementing me.

I'll be fine :-) and you'll be fine as well.

Take care....

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