zaterdag 14 maart 2015

QUAKER - my favorite oatmeal brand!!!!!

Oatmeal used to have a dull reputation, but not anymore.

There are tons of variations,

and maybe a million ways to spice up your porridge, pancakes or bread derived from these magical grains.

Quaker is by far my favorite brand.

I can't imagine living in a quaker-free house.
It would feel like running a hospital without doctors or a restaurant with no spoons.

Quaker and Stef: it's a healthy long lasting relationship. No other brand could even come close.

Once you go QUAKER, you never go back.

But before I get ahead displaying some recipes, it's worth looking into oatmeal's health benefits.

Daily consumption of oatmeal:

- lowers your cholesterol.
- reduces the risks of developing a cardiovascular disease.
- contains a high amount of B-vitamins and anti-oxidants
- provides high levels of fiber and proteins
- may lower the risk of colorectal cancer
- may help lower the blood pressure
- stabilizes blood sugar
- boosts your immune system
- prevents weight gain

Are you convinced? Brilliant!!!!

Here are some of my quaker recipes.
Especially my oatmeal bread has become an instant success.
I plan on baking a whole new range of variations in the future, so stay tuned.

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