maandag 16 maart 2015

Poetry - Lyrics for music - A MILLION MILES

I've been writing many lyrics throughout the years. 

It's all about emotions, passion, love, desire, hunger, sometimes lots of humor.
I would love to collaborate.

My goal is to get in touch with musicians feeling the same way.
So feel free to contact me if you're able to help me out.


Gazing at the starlet sky
Counting angels falling down
Heaven,  light my fantasy
God, embrace this mystery

No one knows what love’s about
And no one really cares
But I will ask the rain to clean
Those Crosses I can bear


I’d walk a million miles and more
To feel your heart again
To let your soul walk through my door
What’s yours, is not for rent

I’d walk a million miles and more
I’d fly around the moon
To show you how I feel inside
Oh I’ll be coming soon

Kissing stars to keep me sane
Walking through their fairytale
Cinderella, burn that shoe
And turn it into something new

No one knows Miss afterlife
But those who turned away
From boring rationality
Their spirit’s here to stay

( c ) Stef Kestens 2015

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