donderdag 12 maart 2015

My blog on blogging...I'm a writer, a cook, a movie maker....So many possibilities!

I'm a blogger.

Could you imagine that?

Ten years ago there was no such thing as blogging.

It's a new creation and provides thousands of people with a proper living ( I want to join that club, so buy me, hire me, contact me, I won't bite)

Imagine what could have happened if no one invented a world of blogging?
Some of us might have been homeless. Others would live a life without any purpose.
A problem that was solved by investing in the evolution of technology.

Of course new discoveries come with downsides as well.

How many kids do you see playing in the streets compared to twenty years ago?
And how many of them avoid joining a sports club because they're busy posting their frustrations on facebook?
It's important to tackle those issues as well.
Motivating people to stay in touch with reality should be the government's number one priority.

BUT  it's freakingly easy to get access to information these days.

I remember how time consuming school assignments could be.
You went to a library, looked up some info on a historical person and got back to school with literally zero information.
Teenagers these days cannot imagine how different life was in 1994, the year I got to the first grade of high school.

On one hand the question is: would youngsters be mentally strong enough to live in a society with no multimedia?

On the other hand, what a dumb question.

You need to have basic tools to survive.
What would happen if my child would enter a school and tell his parents are against evolution? Would they allow him to use school material or would I be forced to spend their last dime on a computer?

We NEED to possess multimedia technology in order to become a part of communities.
If you have no email address, you won't receive any invitations for prom dinners, school parties, weight club reunions....

And the longer we live, the worse it gets. 

Ten years ago, people asked me: do you have a cellphone?
Now they just ask for my number. Anyone OUGHT TO have a cellphone.
I beg your pardon. Did I say cellphone? That's so 2002.
If you don't have a smartphone these days, you better have your head checked.

My first smartphone, a SONY XPERIA, arrived about a month ago.
In just a few weeks time it helped me discover I could land a career as an online cook, a writer or movie maker without leaving my house.

I want to write a book, release a collection of poems and lyrics, get in touch with movie makers in order to sell my scripts. It used to be difficult, but not anymore.

So tell me, what are you waiting for?

Alright, now I'm going out for a walk, to stay in touch with nature.

Take care,


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