woensdag 4 maart 2015

My Kitchen experiences - PART ONE - onion tomato mix topped with a crust of parmesan

Does this look like paella? At least that's what a friend of mine thought, but to be honest: it's nothing like that.

I stole the recipe from a Belgian cookbook named "puur eten dat je gelukkig maakt" by Pascale Naessens, literally translated it would mean: "pure food that makes you happy".

Basically all you need is:
800 grams of onions
800 grams of canned tomatoes
80 grams of parmesan cheese
A handful of sundried tomatoes
A handful black olives
3 tablespoons of rosemary
4 tablespoons of thyme
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

First of all, cut the onions, put them in a casserole, add some olive oil and slowly cook them until they're richly browned ( takes about ten minutes). Add some salt and pepper.

Then add the canned tomatoes and mix them with the onions.

Poor the mix into an oven casserole.

Mix the parmesan cheese with the rosemary and thyme ( it's easy when using a tablespoon)

Then top the onion/tomato mix with the parmesan mix, then add the black olives and sundried tomatoes.

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees for a couple of minutes, then put the casserole into the oven and wait for another 20 minutes.


I honestly didn't know what to expect but the parmesan crust was truly delicious.
If you're a fan of herbal flavours, the combination of veggies, cheese and herbs will make you experience a culinary orgasm you never had before.
I could eat this all day long though the large amount of onions and tomatoes definitely filled my stomach
The next morning I woke up and the first thing that came to my mind was: I need to taste this crust again. And so I did, this recipe has become a weekly habit. So give it a go.

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