maandag 16 maart 2015

Poetry - Lyrics for music - A LITTLE MAGIC

I've been writing many lyrics throughout the years. 

It's all about emotions, passion, love, desire, hunger, sometimes lots of humor.
I would love to collaborate.

My goal is to get in touch with musicians feeling the same way.
So feel free to contact me if you're able to help me out.


You can't change your future
I'll take you back in time
I will change your past, believe me
Can you read the sign?

My eyes see things that you can't see
You're losing your identity
No don't you worry, I'm your ghost
the inner strength you need the most


I got the power 
to make you feel good
You must think I'm weird, 
Well I'm just missunderstood


Maybe I'm a little magic
I can bring your heart to life
cast away the pain inside
all leading to yourself

Maybe you're a little tragic
reaching for a star at night
Well I'll give you so much pride
I hope it rings a bell

I'm just being human
I promise I don't bite
Grab this chance, I know you need me
I'll be at your side

My heart ain't playing tricks on me
it's beating out of time you see
I'll take you higher to the top
We'll carry on, I'll never stop


I'll keep on waiting
but why hesitating?
Love's not a drag
it's just what you lack

( c ) Stef Kestens 2015

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