zaterdag 21 maart 2015

What poetry means to me....

Over the last few weeks, I've been posting tons of poems.

So it's about time to tell what poetry means to me.

Poetry is like oxygen, a breath of fresh air.

I couldn't live without my daily shot of words. It's slowly become an addiction.

But why would I care anyway?

It's healthier than drinking alcohol and a perfect way to keep my brain-soul- heart-threesome intact.

Nothing beats the feeling of taking out my pen and start creating little stories tackling issues like pain, hope or desperation....

It's my freedom of speech,

my way to send out messages to this messed up world of wars.

my way to draw a rainbow after storms have kicked in. 

My way to survive people not giving a damn.

My way of life.


Poetry is also a perfect gift to express how much you love somebody.

Is there anything more romantic than looking into your partner's eyes while reading a self-written poem?

If you're a sensitive soul, you should give it a go.

It creates a never before seen intimacy you won't forget about.

And who knows what might happen next?

Or happily ever after?

Poetry is like a dream.

Just close your eyes and fly....away to your chosen world, that perfect island being a very own creation.

The land of forgiveness.

The darkness of your dreams.

Where angels cut out the devil's heart

Where soldiers fight for justice.

Where literally anything can happen.

As long as you want it to.

Now open up your eyes and let your heart speak.

Then take a pen 'cause who knows?

you might discover there's a poet inside of you as well.

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