maandag 16 maart 2015

Poetry - Lyrics for music - BACK IN TIME

I've been writing many lyrics throughout the years. 

It's all about emotions, passion, love, desire, hunger, sometimes lots of humor.
I would love to collaborate.

My goal is to get in touch with musicians feeling the same way.
So feel free to contact me if you're able to help me out.


I woke up this morning
what a beautiful day
the angels were smiling
and clouds moved away

I woke up this morning
yeah I felt so awake
surrounded by silence
but I'll never break


I'm okay there's no more thunder
This could be my wake up call
Stay with me, you feed my hunger
thanks to you the rain won't fall


Even though you're gone to heaven
Love will always keep you near
Feel my heart, we'll last forever
just get rid of all those fears

Even though you're gone to heaven
Love will always make you shine
Close your eyes and we're together
I can take you back in time
I can take you back in time

Don't act like a stranger
you're still here by my side
God sent me an angel
oh you keep me alive

Don't act like a stranger
cuz I won't let you down
there's no room for danger
yes it's love that I found


and If you ever feel like
feel like letting go
then call my name and I'll be there
there ain't no other cure

( c ) Stef Kestens 2015

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