zaterdag 21 maart 2015

How to increase the length of your blog?

That's a very good question.

Of course I could have written: "that's a good question", but the "very" adds one more word to the total length of my blog.

Am I smart or what?

Besides: the word "very" indicates that it's more than just a good question.
It's an important question on a theme the world should know about.
what could be more important than "increasing the length of your blog"?
I know the answer: spending some time with your loved ones.
And of course that's a correct reply but it doesn't mean we shouldn't pay attention to increasing blog lengths.

So here are my personal tips I haven't copied from a magazine.
I'm not saying they're necessarily right, I just think they are.


Don't just say: "it rains" when it starts raining.
Tell the world about what these conditions mean to you.
How they really make you feel.
Does the word "rain" implies that you like to open up your windows and start dancing
Or does it mean nothing in particular?

Besides: maybe your house washed away because of too much water caused by rain.
Or the rain is your favorite additive to a cup of tea?

The bottom line could be described as: Any personal story could help to build your own genuine blog.
There might be nothing like the rain, but there's nothing like your blog either.
So use anything to blow people's mind.


Write because you love writing, not because you have the tendency to impress colleagues or friends.
I'm probably bigger than you which is cool. But is this really the information I'd like to share with the world? 
Whenever you think: I'm getting bored, then stop! Go for a walk in the park, have a nice family dinner and come back feeling energized and inspired.

If you love writing, you'll always find those moments you enjoy it.
Cherish them and write with your heart.


Write about what you want to write.
Do you love cars? Great.
Write about what that noise mean to you, how it inspires you to buy a new car every single year.
And why you're calling it Wendy when it's actually John.
Elaborate on why driving a car is cooler to riding a bike.
Tell a personal story. Readers just love that.

Anything is more fascinating than shouting out: Hey dude, I got a car.
That's only six words which proves shallowness doesn't increase the length of your blog.

It's all about an original content.
I have many more original tips but I'm saving them for my e-book.

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