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Funding: Help my mom getting her life back


It would be nice to read my mother's story and help her a bit if you can.

Thank you so much in advance.

In 2007 my mother felt very ill.

I thought it could be a brain stroke but her brother and sister-in-law ( they never supported her in the past, always patronized her because she was a single mom, my father had walked out on her and let her raise two children without any help and financial means) took her to a hospital that doesn't have a good reputation.
When I visited her, I couldn't believe they sent her over to the psychiatry ward. She definitely needed a different kind of help. I asked the doctor about her condition but couldn't get an any answers.
My uncle and my aunt were in charge and it seemed like I had nothing to say.

She was put on a lot of medication and I was terrified it would only make things worse.

She stayed at the hospital for almost 4 months.
I knew she had a good insurance plan, so I was confident it would cover her condition.
But what condition, that remained the big question. For all those months they tried to make me believe she was mentally ill but I was literally devastated when I read about the diagnosis: alcoholism!

I knew this wasn't true. I knew how good my aunt is at inventing stories and I knew I didn't have a good feeling about that doctor.

Her insurance plan covered everything except for alcoholism. So I was shocked when we received the hospital bill. We would never ever be able to pay for it and never had any support from our family.

I tried talking to that doctor but he made fun of the situation.
If she didn't pay, then a bailiff would remove the very few things she owns ( like a tv, table, some chairs,....)

After she got fired from the hospital, we went to see another doctor. Finally he performed an MRI scan and a recent - but not so recent brainstroke got discovered.

I thought: now we can finally sue that other doctor
1) for not doing the right examination
2) for using alcoholism as a diagnosis

But after years of seeing lawyers, starting a few trials. The consensus was always:
- a doctor is always right. He assessed her in 2007 and we can't go back to that time. So his diagnosis was correct.

The fact that they discovered a brainstroke later on wasn't relevant because an MRI scan doesn't give you an exact date.

My mother is sixty now and still working hard. She lives in a small room and basically needs to spend most of her salary on paying those hospital bills back.

She's expecting her first grandchild next month. It hurts her she won't even be able to buy it a present because of what happened eight years ago.
I'm the only person helping her. All others are so rational like: if that's the doctor's judgement, you need to pay for it.
Of course I have the evidence backing this up, so if anyone would need it, no problem at all.

It would just be nice if you could help making my mom's life a little more bearable.

Thank you so much,

Kind regards and love,


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    Please read this Quote everyday: “I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of people.”
    ― Isaac Newton
    I'd dare to add - not only Mandness characterizes the majority of humans, but also hellish cruelty that they demonstrate almost in all their "moves", "ideas" and bloody "deeds".

    Be Well and Stay away from psychotic doctors and relatives..